Playing with Lightroom

Lightroom really changes my workflow. I used to use Picasa on my PC when I was using a small digital camera taking 40-50 pictures at a time. In that case, I think Picasa is quite good.

Now I often shoot few hundred pictures per event and I have to do more fine tuning of the pictures (because I have much better camera and lenses now :-)).In this case, I think Picasa is not as powerful as Lightroom. Lightroom allows me to do a lot of things FAST!! And everyday I discover some new capability or shortcut or trick. It is an amazing tool.

I have been playing with various Lightroom presets I found online. They are really fun. An example is shown above. On the right is the original and was taken by a friend of mine.

Here is another version with a more dramatic feel. All these pictures were created by switching to different presets.

Very cool.

So which version do you like the best?

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