Lastolite Ezybox unbox

I have been looking for a softbox that is portable and can easily be brought on location. I found Lastolite's Ezybox and saw some videos on Youtube. Currently, Lastolite is having a $35 rebate, so I decided to buy one. I got the 60cm (about 24 inches) one and I got it from B&H photo.

It came in a pretty big box but everything fits in this 13-inch pouch.

Inside the pouch, it has the softbox, a plastic bag contains two diffusion panels, and another bag contains the adapter ring and the flash bracket. However, it doesn't come with any instruction. You can find the instruction here.

The sofbox can be popped open easily.

And this is the inside of the softbox.

Here are the diffusion panels, the ring adapter and the flash bracket.
I heard that the smaller version of the Ezybox comes only with one diffusion panels.

Here is the adapter and the flash bracket.

You have to unscrew the screw on the ring adapter before you can put that on the adapter.

The adapter ring is attached to the softbox by catching the rims of the box.
There is no screw.

The smaller diffuser is attached by four corners in the softbox and the bigger diffuser is attached all around in four sides.

Here is a picture with the flash firing.

The problem I found is my Nikon SB800 cannot be mounted to the cold shoe on the flash bracket securely. It's just too loose. I have dropped my flash too many times and I don't want to drop it again. I replaced the cold shoe with a cold shoe from Stroboframe. Here is a picture of it with the Stroboframe Bracket Shoe Mount.

I have also tried it with the flash stand that came with the SB800. I just needed to rotate the flash head by 90 degrees and everything fits perfectly. However, I still think that Stroboframe is more secure with the flash.

In general, I think the Lastolite Ezybox is pretty good. Very easy to set up and it gives pretty good light. The cons are the cold shoe is too loose and it is difficult to make the softbox fit back in the pouch.

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