How to enjoy your photos


After your photo session, I usually will deliver your images within a week. You will get a link to a password-protected gallery, which you can easily share with your friends and family.

You can then download the images on your computer and/or phone. You can use them as your background. However, I think the best way to enjoy the pictures everyday is to print them, frame them, and hang them on a wall. You can print the images on your own printers or at any lab but you can also order prints directly from the gallery. Just click "Buy Photo" at the lower right hang corner of the picture.

Next you will get this side bar:

You can order different types of prints. Browse around and see what you like. When you click "Paper Prints," you can order different sizes of the print.

My customers often ask me what size of print they should order. Here are the steps I take:

  1. Decide which wall I want to hang the picture.
  2. Look for a frame that may look good with the picture. I usually get my frames from IKEA. Their price is low and their frames look pretty good. You can also find some nice frame from Target. I usually buy frames locally because I can return them easily if they don't look good on my wall.
  3. I get the frame and try it on the wall and see if the size of the frame looks good on that wall.
  4. Then I order the size of the print that fit that frame.
  5. Put the print on the frame, hang the frame, and enjoy.

Here is the choices of frames at IKEA.


For images that I love, I use custom framing. This can cost hundreds of dollars. However, I can have custom size and material. If you are going to hang the picture on a prime location, you may want to use a really nice frame but you can still use the above steps to figure out the size.

Another advantage with custom frame is you can use UV-protected glass. This is important if you are going to hang the picture on a wall that gets a lot of sun light.

Another nice option is to do a canvas print. Search around and you may find some discount, so you can try it out without spending a lot of money. I have gotten this print free from Canvas People

Metal print is also a nice way to show off the picture and you can order from my site.


I have also gotten one before. It looks really nice but it can be very expensive.

There are so many options to display your pictures. Experience them and see what you like. If you want to order print from your gallery and if you don't see the "Buy Photos," just let me know.

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