How long should I book the session and how many pictures will I get?

First thing first. It is about quality, not quantity. I cannot promise you that you will get X numbers of pictures after the session but I can promise you that you will get some nice pictures that you want to hang on your wall.

As for the duration of a session. I think 1 hour session maybe too short. In all my shoots, 100% of the time the baby made a fussy during the session. Then the parents would rush to the next outfit change, instead of spending some quiet time to calm the baby. That made the baby even more fussy. It is a downward spiral.

On the other hand, I think 3 hours is too long. Unless you have a large family and a long shoot list, you don't really need 3 hours. Everyone will be bored and tired after a couple hours of shooting.

Therefore, I think the optimal length for a session is 2 hours. It gives enough for a few outfit changes. Some quiet time to calm the baby when we need it. Time to feed the baby when he/shes gets fussy. For  calm babies, I should be able to cover everything the parents want in 1.5 hours. For others, a 2-hour session give enough buffer and no one needs to rush. And of course, I will stay as long as I can to get the good pictures for you.


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