My setup for on location newborn session

"What kind of props do you have?" 

"Can you bring some costumes for the shoot?"

"Do you have any backdrop?"

I get asked these questions at least once a day. My answer is always: I have a basket and a fur but I prefer my client to use their own props/costumes, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even during the normal time, using your own props/costumes is good way to protect the health of your newborn baby.

Here is the basket and the fur that is available for the shoot if you want:

For the background, I have a white blanket (as seen above) that I normally use. As long as you have enough space, I can set up the shoot and make it look good. Here are some of my setups:

Photo taken using the above setup

Even just with 2 chairs and a blanket (all provided by the client)

Photo taken using the above setup

You can find a lot of interesting stuff from Amazon. Just do a "baby props" search. Here are the search results. One of my clients got everything she wanted for this photo there.

You can also get a lot of interesting clothes or costumes from Target or Walmart or any of your local baby stores. You just need to prepare, plan ahead and knowing what you want. Here is an example of what my client planned:

I will provide more tips in future posts. Follow my blog and check back later.

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