Warning: Being a Baby is NOT Fun

(courtesy of Aislynn)

Well, today was a trying day.

I was feeling perfectly happy after I woke up from my nap, but then for some odd reason, my mommy and daddy insisted on changing me out of my clothes into a DRESS. Why, you ask? Beats me. The clothes I was wearing were perfectly clean, with only a little spit-up. But they insisted on putting a dress on me, and my arms kept getting stuck.

I kept yelling at them, "The dress doesn't fit! Stop trying to put it on me!" But they wouldn't stop. Finally they got the dress on me.

But they still wouldn't pick me up. I was tired of laying down on the bed so I kept yelling at them. They finally got the hint and picked me up. For adults, they sure are slow.

To add insult to injury, they tried to stuff my feet into a pair of shoes that were obviously too small. I mean, my feet are chubby and really not made to wear shoes. Besides the fact that I can't even walk. But since my daddy was carrying me, I cooperated and let them put the shoes on, knowing they wouldn't stay on for long anyway.

My mommy then took me outside, which I was thrilled about. I hate being stuck inside. She laid me down on my tummy on top of a blanket on the grass. She said that I was going to be a "baby model," whatever that means. My uncle held up this black thing in front of his face. He called it a "camera." He also kept waving a red doll with big eyes and an orange nose. Every once in a while the doll would make a squeaking noise. I was really confused about what he was doing.

My mommy and grandma stood next to my uncle and kept saying, "Smile! Smile!" I laughed because they looked pretty funny. Why do adults act like that? Anyway, after a while I started to get annoyed. I had managed to push myself up on my arms but other than that I couldn't move. Plus my dress was scratchy and I couldn't reach the itch. (Whoever makes clothes for babies obviously do not have a baby's comfort in mind.)

At first I tried to tell them, "Ok, I've had enough of this. Can someone please pick me up?" But my mommy and grandma still kept saying, "Smile!" and ignored what I was trying to say. So I said it louder: "Pick me up!" They still ignored me. I finally had enough and started crying. Would you believe that they STILL wouldn't pick me up? The nerve of them.

They must have had enough of my crying because my mommy sat me down next to some big pillows. I was not happy about this at all, but my mommy waved my favorite toy and I stopped crying, thinking I was going to get to play with it. But instead of giving it to me, she started making funny faces at me. I smiled and reached my hands out to see if she would give me my toy. No luck.

After a few minutes, I got tired of sitting on my butt and again tried to tell them to pick me up. As usual, they ignored me and kept squeezing the red doll. I finally had enough and started yelling as loud as I could. I mean, are other babies ignored as much as I am?

My mommy finally picked me up and thankfully took me inside to take off the dress. But amazingly, she started putting on ANOTHER dress on me. I couldn't believe it. I yelled as loud as I could but to no avail. She took me back outside and thankfully did not put me down again. My daddy held me and tried to get me to smile too, but I was tired of smiling.
After the ordeal was over, my mommy and daddy took me on a walk in my stroller. I was so exhausted I slept for a really long time.

So fellow babies out there: if your mommy and daddy tell you that you're "getting your picture taken," put up the biggest fight you can. Or you'll be stuck laying or sitting for a really long time and everybody keeps telling you what to do.

These are the pictures everybody thought were cute. I don't remember smiling this much. My uncle must have done a lot of Photoshopping.

They made Scooby pose too.

 Even he was tired at the end of it.

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