Flash Bus Tour @ San Francisco

I attended the Flash Bus Tour by Dave "the Strobist" Hobby and Joe "Numnuts" McNally in San Francisco. It was a day full of information.

First, this is the bus they travel in:

In the morning, Dave talked about how he set up the lights. Here is one example:

The key point he made was to set up one light at a time. He said: "Light is additive" and "Light is relative."

Here is another setup:

In the afternoon, it was Joe's turn.

He started with a shoot with 30 flashes!!

And this was the shot:

Then he did a simple clamp shell lighting:

And this is the image with that setup:

Another setup. The model was an audience.

It was amazing on how he "built" the image. This is the image from that shot:

Another setup on how to use everyday's items to build an interesting background/shadow. You can see the kitchen racks on the left:

And this is one of the images from that setup. He had a few other variations using
different color gels:

And the Q&A in the end:

Here are some random shots. First, Joe's equipments:

Dave checking his emails:

Joe shooting:

Even Dave was taking note:

If you have read Joe's books, you probably know most of the techniques he used. However, it was amazing to see how he did it in front of 500 people live audience. It is well worth the money and time, let alone all the freebies I got from the workshop. I also had their autographs:


  1. Thanks for blogging this! I was there too. The paparazzi shot was so cool to see, particularly the Canon dude who tried to sneak in and got called out. ;)

  2. Hey, I was sitting on the other side of the room. We took pretty similar shots. Great post!