Photo Sessions

We have been getting some questions from our potential clients. These clients usually have not worked with a photographer before and they wonder why they want to spend their money to hire someone to take their pictures. With digital technology, anyone can do it easily. Why pay someone else?

There are many benefits in working with a photographer. Here are some of them:

  • Our equipments are much better than most of the consumers level equipments. These equipments produce much better results. You will notice the quality once you see it.
  • Some people may have the same equipments we have but they may not know how to fully utilize them. We spend our time to learn how to use them. And the most important, we have a lot of practice. Even when we are not taking pictures for a client, we spend our time to practice with our equipments and try out new techniques.
  • For most people, the work is done after the pictures are taken and uploaded.
    For us, the real work just begins. We typically get a few undred photos taken in a 2-hour session. We go through all of them and pick out the good ones. Then we do some basic post-processing on these photos. We fix up the colors, clean up the noise, crop the photos, etc. We spend from a couple minutes to half an hour on each photo. Only after that, we upload the photos to our website for our clients to see. A 2-hour photo session may require us an addition of 2-3 hours on the post processing.

We love taking pictures but the best part is to see our clients' excitement when they see the final results.

We want to give anyone a chance to experience the excitement, so, in the month of August, we will give 25% off to people who mention the ad below.

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