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I have been busy fine tuning my photos for iStockPhoto. It took me a few trials before my application finally got accepted. Now my application is accepted, I am busy submitting my pictures to them. They have a very high standard on their pictures and the acceptance rate for my pictures is lower than I expected.

I don't expect to make a lot of money from doing stock photography and my friend who has been submitting to istockphoto confirmed that. However, I am more than happy to spend my time to prepare my photos for submission. The main reason is that it helps me raise my standard of my pictures. iStockPhoto look at a lot of things before they accept a picture into their library and if they reject a picture, they give you the reason. I can learn a lot from that and it helps me to become a better photographer for my clients. How often do your clients critique your pictures? They may not be happy with the pictures you take for them but they, most likely, cannot tell you why. With iStockPhoto, they tell you the reason(s) why they reject the picture. By knowing the reason(s), it helps me to be a better photographer, which in turn benefit my clients.

Here are some of the pictures that got accepted:

So if you need any stock photos, check out iStockPhoto.

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