Scooby, the dog

Another fun thing to shoot are pets. As you have seen from my portfolio, I have taken a lot of pictures of cats. Compared to taking pictures of people, taking pictures of cats is hard because they keep moving and running away.

It is still not as hard as taking pictures of Scooby. Scooby is a very active, very handsome, 5 years old Labrador Retriever. He loves to play and he loves to eat. We spent a couple hours with Scooby and his owner over the weekend and we got some great shots.

We knew that we cannot put up a nice background and studio lighting to shoot Scooby. A stand-still portrait would not reflect his personality. So we decided to shoot outdoor.
The problem was there was a lot more room and chance for his to run away. :-)

We were able to get great shots by using natural light, fast shutter speed, and continuous shooting. Here are some of the pictures from the session.

Finally, Scooby was tired from all those jumping and running.

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